Elaine Chiew

Other Writings



“Her Fluttering Womb” in Asian Anthology Vol 1 (Leopard Print, 2022). (available bookstores everywhere) (previously longlisted in Fish International Short Story Prize, 2021).

“The Seal Carver” in The Best Asian Short Stories (Kitaab 2021). 

“100 Fleeting Moments of Love” in A View of Stars (editors Anitha Devi Pillai and Felix Cheong) (Marshall Cavendish, 2021)

“A Concatenation of Fortuitous Happenings, Parts I-V”, longlisted in Mogford International Food and Drink Prize (2022). 

“Fairytale Princesses Run Amok” in Lumiere Review. https://lumierereview.com/elaine-chiew

“Let a song go out of my heart” in New Flash Fiction Review, 2021. http://newflashfiction.com/let-a-song-go-out-of-my-heart-by-elaine-chiew/

“A Guide to Using Chopsticks, Parts 1-6”, in The Cambridge Short Story, (shortlisted for Cambridge Short Story Prize 2020 & longlisted in Mogford International Food and Drink Prize). https://theshortstory.co.uk/?s=A+Guide+to+Using+Chopsticks



“The Seductive Properties of Chiffon Cake” aired on BBC Radio 4, 2020. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000kfy2?fbclid=IwAR1cr_2nfrSaszAmBYeGnGM5U3oI5KgVFSOGXYYmxrpAAuHXcZPShOcRHBY

“Face” at Caveat Lector, 2020. https://www.caveat-lector.org/3101/website/fiction/chiew.html?fbclid=IwAR18UnzMVd_s0Ij5iq3GhmIk_ttqSEkFj3xBUuU_5Av8oRzQJMEMbfKqWvo

“Between the Belly Button and The Womb,” in Fictive Dream, 2019  (nominated for Best of the Net). https://fictivedream.com/2019/11/10/between-the-belly-button-and-the-womb/

“Migrant Writing Class”, Spelk Fiction, August 2019. https://spelkfiction.com/2019/08/23/migrant-writing-class/

“Koi Pond”, The Airgonaut, July 2019. https://theairgonautblog.wordpress.com/2019/07/02/koi-pond/

“Einstein’s Brain”, Occulum, August 2018. https://occulum.net/2018/8/31/einsteins-brain-by-e-pchiew/?fbclid=IwAR2c6kcQgUu9RTymB7ISwljFLYKBsO72t981NJLYgZ4DEzNE3MMxBlO5qWc

“Chelvis”, Monkeybicycle, November 2018. http://monkeybicycle.net/chelvis/?fbclid=IwAR1aB_ZMO8vM-JPKYxdPjb3-Rdw44AVf49yncZgbniM73GWQ7qoC6KWob14

“Virtually, Yours”. Jellyfish Review, July 2018. https://jellyfishreview.wordpress.com/2018/07/04/virtually-yours-reality-by-elaine-chiew/?fbclid=IwAR0IxwshDi_uisbxbEwd-Ro_pWr6S13G-rKySscrf-X1Gj5e-ENu3rHlgcQ

“Where is the Music Coming From, Where Has the Music Gone?” East of the Web,  2018. http://www.eastoftheweb.com/short-stories/UBooks/WherMusi1010.shtml?fbclid=IwAR0gpEJNp4gyaJr66lR-Aoe0AwUk8frd3p-Tt-EVcWJ5L6bZPG6hm7ascDs#3

“Girls Fine as Beeswing”. East of the Web, 2018. http://www.eastoftheweb.com/short-stories/UBooks/GirlFine1002.shtml

“The Season for Hairy Crabs”, The Creative Process, 2018. https://www.creativeprocess.info/other-voices-4/2018/1/23/the-season-for-hairy-crabs?fbclid=IwAR3d4SnJojXyuYpjtfMq0q9kiZd1pxCh0fMayK6yvYQ–wCfms2DCUhMwdY

“Confessions of an Irresolute Ethnic Writer,” Unthology 10 (Unthank Books, Norwich, 2018).

“Candied Kumquats”, Potomac Review, Spring 2017, Issue 60.

“For the Love of a Bagel,” Heat: National Flash Fiction Day Anthology (UK, 2018).

“The Suitcase,” Peacock Journal (also in print anthology by Little Red Tree Publishing), 2017. http://peacockjournal.com/elaine-chiew-suitcase/

“Love, Nude.” Singapore Love Stories (Monsoon Books, 2016).

“Cherry Blossoms,”  Everything About Us (Wordworks, 2016).

 “The Birds,” Flash Frontier, November 2016. http://www.flash-frontier.com/november-2016-birds/#the

“Real Estate,” The Airgonaut, November 2016.  https://theairgonautblog.wordpress.com/2016/11/01/real-estate/

 “Stronger,” Jellyfish Review, March 2016.  https://jellyfishreview.wordpress.com/2016/03/15/stronger-by-elaine-chiew/


“Chinese Pygmalion” in Unthology 7 (Unthank Books, Norwich, 2015).

“Orbiting the U.K. Isles With A Ukulele and Kazoo”, Pure Slush, March 2014. 

 “Beach Balls Tell Me To Marry You”, JMWW, Fall 2013.

“Night Ranger” and “Monkey Dancer”, Anak Sastra, Issue 12, 2013.

 “Memento Mori” in Prick of the Spindle, Vol. 7.3, September 2013. 

 “We Discover the Secret to Happiness,” The Ilanot Review, Sentences Issue, Summer 2013.

 “The New Geeks”, killauthor, Issue 20, August 2012.  “Our Senses Do Not Perceive Certain Objects”,  Journal of Compressed Creative Arts, July 2012.  

 “Fly,” Metazen, February 2012. 

 “The Wonderful, Amazing No. 1. Recliner”, African Writing Online, No. 11, ISSN: 1754-6672. Translated into Japanese for Happano, October 2011.



“Glow”, The Foundling Review, October 2010.

 “Italo Calvino People”, killauthor, August 2010. 

“Of Melted Needs and Soulful Cheese”, Things Are Looking Up! Stories from Work (Bannock Street Books, May 2009). ISBN: 978-0-9819834-2-4

  “Udon Lover”, Alimentum: The Literature of Food, Issue Six (Ed. Paulette Licitra, New York 2008). ISBN: 0-9773528-5-4.

 “Chopsticks Jenga”, Hobart: Issue 9 (The Games Issue) (Ed. Aaron Burch, Ann Arbor, MI, 2008) ISSN: 1544-788X ISBN: 978-0-9749541-7-9

 “Toupee”, Pedestal, Issue 50, February 2009.  

 “The Sentence”, WordRiot, March 2009. 

“Huckleberry Thumb”, Dzanc Books Best of the Web 2008 (Guest Ed: Steve Almond, Series Ed: Nathan Leslie, Westland, MI, 2008). ISBB-13: 978-0-9793123-4-2. ISBN-10:0-9793123-4-5. First published in Juked, 2007.   

“Reproductive Disneyland”, See You Next Tuesday: The Second Coming (Ed. Steven Coy, Better Non Sequitur, San Diego, CA. 2008). ISBN: 0-9743235-6-X

  “Chinese Equivalent”, Wigleaf, October 2008.  

“(v.) you too honey”, Firebox Fiction, Night Train, May 2008.

 “The Philosophy of Charlie Parker”, Edifice Wrecked, October 2007. 

 “Theft and Restitution”, The Hiss Quarterly, Autumn 2007.

 “Terminus”, Cezanne’s Carrot, Autumn 2007. 

 “God’s Small Hands”, juked, February 2007. 

 “Gaming Andalucia”, The Summerset Review, Winter 2007.   

“Burning Bush”, In Posse Review, October 2006. 

 “Cuckoo”, Verbsap, June 2006. 

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Elaine Chiew runs a contemporary voices column up at AsianBooksBlog. She is Associate Series Editor for Wigleaf.

 Hassan Blassim, “The Iraqi Christ”, The Short Review, 2014.  https://thenewshortreview.wordpress.com/2014/11/27/the-iraqi-christ-by-hassan-blasim-review/

 Laura van den Berg, “What The World Looks Like When All The Water Leaves Us”, The Short Review, 2014. http://www.theshortreview.com/reviews/LauraVanDenBurgWhatTheWorldWillLookLikeWhenAllTheWaterLeavesUs.htm

 Krys Lee, “Drifting House,” The Short Review, 2013. http://www.theshortreview.com/reviews/KrysLeeDriftingHouse.htm

 Kevin Barry, “There Are Little Kingdoms”, The Short Review, 2013. http://www.theshortreview.com/reviews/KevinBarryThereareLittleKingdoms.htm

 Tobias Wolff, “Our Story Begins,” The Short Review, 2013. http://www.theshortreview.com/reviews/TobiasWolffOurStoryBegins.htm

 Peter Tieryas Xu, “Watering Heaven,” The Short Review, 2014. https://thenewshortreview.wordpress.com/2014/07/13/peter-tieryas-liu-watering-heaven-review/

 Nam Le, “The Boat,” The Short Review, 2013.  http://www.theshortreview.com/reviews/NamLeTheBoat.htm

 Nona Caspers, “Heavier Than Air”, http://www.theshortreview.com/reviews/NonaCaspersHeavierthanair.htm

 ZZ Packer, “Drinking Coffee Elsewhere,” http://www.theshortreview.com/reviews/ZZPackerDrinkingCoffeeElsewhere.htm

 Jimmy Chen, “Typewriter,” http://www.theshortreview.com/reviews/JimmyChenTypewriter.htm


“From Lisbon to Ipoh: A Woman Walks the City”, in PR&TA Journal Issue 1 (2021). https://www.pratajournal.com/from-lisbon-to-ipoh-a-woman-walks-the-city-by-elaine-chiew

Breast is Best: Pinaree Sanpitak at STPI. ArtReview Asia, 2019. https://artreview.com/ara-winter-2019-feature-pinaree-sanpitak/

Aditya Novali at Shanghart Singapore, ArtReview Asia, Winter 2018. https://artreview.com/reviews/ara_winter_2018_review_aditya_novali/

 “Of Math and Art: A Game of Numbers with NUS Arts Festival 2019.”  ArtsEquator, March 2019. https://artsequator.com/nus-arts-festival-2019/

 “The Artist Curator’s Eye: Manit Sriwanichpoom’s “Rediscovering Thai Masters of Photography”. ArtsEquator, May 2018. https://artsequator.com/thai-masters-photography-review/

 Dinh Q. Le’s “Monuments and Memorials: A Double Haunting.” ArtsEquator, April 2018.  https://artsequator.com/dinh-q-le-stpi-review/

 “Ghosts and Spectres: The Burden of History and Artistic Narration”. ArtsEquator, October 2017. https://artsequator.com/exhibition-ntu-cca-ghosts-spectres/

 SIFA’s ‘Trojan Women’: An Allegory for Modern Times. Theatre Times, Feb 2018. https://thetheatretimes.com/sifas-trojan-women-allegory-modern-times/

 “Emergent Materialities and Intertextuality: The NAFA Graduate Showcase 2017,” Arts Equator, May 2017.  https://artsequator.com/nafa-graduate-showcase-2017/

 “Field Notes from the Lasalle Show Exhibition.” Arts Equator, May 2017.  https://artsequator.com/fieldnotes-singapore-art-lasalle-show-exhibition-2017-18-may-to-31-may/

 Book Review of June Yap’s “Retrospective: A Historiographical Aesthetic in Contemporary Singapore and Malaysia, ” M.A.TTER Unbound, September 2017.

 Book Review of Jeffrey Say and Seng Yu Jin, “Histories, Practices, Interventions: A Reader in Singapore Contemporary Art,” Praxis Press, Eleventh Edition, 2017.  http://www.lasalle.edu.sg/praxis-press/histories-practices-interventions-a-reader-in-singapore-contemporary-art/

 “The Map, The Myth, and the Mirror,” Best Essay Finalist, Association of Arts Critic Singapore and Arts Equator Essay Competition, December 2016.  https://artsequator.com/singapore-biennale-2016-myth-mirror-map/

 “The delicious food writings of five and a half famous writers who loved to cook”, Ink Tank, March 2015. http://inktank.fi/best-food-writing/

 “Fictional Feasts: Five Tasty Books For Food-Lovers,” InkTank, December 2015. http://inktank.fi/fictional-feasts-five-books-food-lovers/

 “A Yen for Cooking” in Cohorte, Sept. 2013. http://www.cohorte.co.uk/a-yen-for-cooking-elaine-chiew/


“Her Fluttering Womb”, longlisted in Fish International Short Story Prize, 2021.

“Welcome to the World of BS,” one of six shortlisted in Manchester Short Story Prize, Jan 2020.

“The Heartsick Diaspora”, Special Mention, Saboteur Awards (UK), 2020.

“Insurance”, Best Small Fictions 2019, ed. Rilla Askew and Nathan Leslie. First published in New Flash Fiction Review, 2019. 

“My Mother’s Ashes”, Lost Balloon, April 2018 (nominated for Pushcart, 2018).

“Knife Discipline” and “Her Fluttering Womb,” longlisted in Short Fiction Competition, 2016. (not published)

“Chinese Pygmalion” and “Knife Discipline”, shortlisted in Fish International Short Story Prize, 2012.  (Knife Discipline not published)

“Huckleberry Thumb”, Best of the Web, Dzanc Books 2008.

“God’s Small Hands”, Selected as Wigleaf’s Top 50 Microfiction, June 2008.

“A Guide to Holding A Pair of Chopsticks, Pts 1 -16”, longlisted in Mogford International Short Story Competition, January 2021.

“Between the Belly Button and the Womb”, Fictive Dream, Jan 2020 (nominated for Best of the Net 2020). 

The Heartsick Diaspora’, 2nd Place Winner, Bridport International Short Story Competition, 2018

“Florida Rednecks Love Moo Goo Gai Pan,” Glimmer Train Very Short Fiction Honorable Mention, February 2018

“Upside Down House”, The Argonaut, July 2016. (nominated for Best of Small Fictions 2016). 

“Epidermis”, First Prize, The Elbow Room, November 2015.

“Italo Calvino People”, nominated for Dzanc’s Best of the Web 2010.

“The Curse of the Golden Carp”, Top Ten Winner, Per Contra Short Story Competition, March 2008. 

“The Seductive Properties of Chiffon Cake”, BBC Radio 4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000kfy2

“To The East of Me Is The West of You,” Ilanot Review, Nov 2019. (nominated for Best of the Net 2020). 

 “Knork, Spork and Splayd,” longlisted in Smokelong Flash Fiction Competition 2018.

“A Compendium of Chinese Ghosts, Parts I and II”, Jellyfish Review (November 2016) (Selected as Wigleaf Top 50 Microfiction, 2017). 

“The Boat”, Jellyfish Review (November 2015) (nominated for Pushcart). 

“Udon Lover”, shortlisted in BBC Opening Lines Short Story Competition, 2015.

“Brother Heart”, Winner of Bridge the Gap Competition, Camera Obscura Journal, February 2010.

“Burning Bush”,  StorySouth Million Writers Award, Top Ten, 2006.

“Her Fluttering Womb,” longlisted in Mslexia Women’s Short Story Prize, Feb 2020.

“A Map of Woebegone Places”, Smokelong Quarterly, March 2019 (nominated for Best of British Flash Fiction. 

“Mail Order Bride”, MoonPark Review, Fall 2018 (nominated for Pushcart, 2018). 

“Tiffin Carrier”, longlisted in Mogford International Short Story Competition 2018.

“Aquarium”, Smokelong Quarterly (September 2015) (nominated for Pushcart). 

“The Sandman”, shortlisted for Mslexia Short Story Competition 2014. (not published)

“Face”, First Prize, Bridport International Short Story Competition, 2008.

“Leng Lui is for Pretty Lady”, selected as Top 25 in Glimmer Train’s Fall 2005 Short Story Award for New Writers. First published in Storyglossia, Issue 27, 2005.

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